Can NBA Players Refuse A Trade? (What To Know)

The NBA, like the majority of professional sports leagues, has a trade deadline. The deadline typically takes place on a specific date, around the halfway point of the season. Once this day passes, teams can no longer trade players or contracts until the season and playoffs conclude. Getting traded as a player can be a whirlwind. Changing cities, time zones, new team, new players, leaving your family; It is very mentally draining. Considering all that, do NBA players have the right to refuse a trade?

Yes, NBA players can refuse a trade. This is called a No Trade clause, and it is implemented into a player’s contract by the team or the player. A No Trade clause can either be a full no-move, allow the player to choose a specific team, or pick a particular time zone.

Refuse a trade

Players Refuse A Trade? (What Happens?)

If a player refuses a trade without having a specific no-trade clause in their contract, they can be subject to a fine by the team. When the team brings the fine to the commissioner, the amount of the fine is decided by any past offenses.

This does not happen very often. This is because majority of players prefer staying with one team. However if that team is shopping him around the league, his feelings may quickly change. If a player refused a trade, he will typically change his mind as he has lost respect for the organization for shopping him. At that point, it’s probably better for both sides to move on.

What happens if an NBA player refuses to pay a fine?

The player does not have a say in refusing or accepting a fine handed down by the league. The team and commissioner must agree that a fine is necessary based on behavior. If so, then the amount of the fine is taken directly from the players salary. It’s not like a bill payment, where you have a say in when and how much you pay off at once. It’s essentially a professional sports direct deposit.

Can an NBA player get traded twice in one season?

Yes, a player can be traded twice or multiple times in one season. However, not back to the team that made the original trade. If a team trades a player, that same team cannot reacquire that player in another trade until the season concludes. The team can however reacquire the player in the same season if that player is cut or released by their new team. This is very rare since a team trading a player is usually for a reason. Whether to better the present team, focus more on the future, or because the team and player had a falling out. Most times, a reunion that soon after is unlikely.

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