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Do You Need A Towel For Golf? (Benefits)

Golf is a sport played within the elements of mother nature. Weather conditions play a huge factor in how your round goes, and how you adjust to those conditions plays a big factor. A hot dry day might make for quick and unpredictable greens, changing your approach. You might be playing in the rain, or the day after a rainfall, resulting in soft grass and muddy rough. Don’t you hate when you take a shot out of the rough in wet conditions, and your expensive club is covered in mud? We all do. But hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll always have a towel on you while playing golf to eliminate this problem. So the question is, do you need a towel for golf?

You need a towel while playing golf. The main benefit of having a towel on you is to clean dirty clubs. Dirty clubs result in poor golf shots. Cleaning your clubs after a shot will make your next one even better.


What Is The Main Benefit Of Having Towels For Golf?

Having a towel on you while playing golf has many benefits that will improve your golf game. The main purpose is to clean your clubface after every shot. There is nothing more annoying than sizing up a shot, taking your swing, and the ball goes nowhere near where you wanted it to go. You look down and there’s dirt, mud, sand all over your clubface. What that’s going to do is make for poor contact of the golf ball, throwing your shot off and inevitably raising your score due to missed shots. Nobody likes a “Mud Ball”.

A secondary main benefit for having a towel on the golf course is in line with the first reason, but slightly different. You need a towel to clean your golf ball as well. This can be the same towel you use to clean your clubface, but you need to clean your ball. Take the same scenario as before. It’s a wet day on the course and your drive lands in the rough. You go to your ball and notice the ball’s path through the grass has covered it in mud. Do you think if your ball is covered in mud, you are going to make accurate contact on your next shot? Definitely not. Take your time, clean the ball, and give yourself the absolute best opportunity to make the right shot. Golf is hard as it is, so let’s make it easier on ourselves.

How Many Towels Should I Have?

You need to have two towels with you during a round of golf. Each towel will be for a specific reason, and each towel will also benefit you for a different reason.

The two towels that you need while golfing are for:

  • Cleaning/Wiping your clubs. This will give you the best opportunity to make your next shot without any complications.
  • Wiping your face/Hands. If it’s a warm day, you are going to be sweating. It’s very difficult to make a golf shot when your hands are sweaty, or if sweat is dripping down your face. Use the towel to wipe your sweat and keep the sweat from effecting your golf game.

Make sure before your next round of golf that you pack your two towels. This will improve your chances at playing a solid round.


Why Do Golfers Wet Towels For Golf?

You might have noticed while watching a PGA tour event that players had wet towels with them. Or maybe a buddy in your group caught you off guard. However, it is completely normal for some golfers to wet their towels. All in all it’s not needed, a dry towel will do the job just fine.

The only reason you’ll see golfers wet their towels, rather than have them dry, is simply preference. A wet towel will help clean sand and dirt out of the grooves in your club face easier. A dry towel will do the same job, and some tools to help with the same purpose. A wet towel is not needed, it’s more of a convienance or preference for players.

Towels For Golf – Is It Worth It?

Towels are 100% worth it. You can buy a wide variety of custom towels, whether it be country themed or designed from a sports team. Those might be slightly higher in price then your basic coloured towel, but both do the job.

For the price of a golf towel, you make that money back from the value it brings you. I’ve said it before, golf is a hard sport. One mishap, or distraction, and your whole round can go in the toilet. There is nothing more frustrating then having a strong round, getting near the last couple holes. You line up for an iron or wedge shot, and the ball comes off the club poorly resulting in a missed shot. Looking down at the club face, and it’s covered in mud. The grooves of the club face have sand wedged inside them messing with the contact on the ball.

Do yourself a favor, remember to bring your towels. You will relax on the golf course knowing no outside forces will ruin your round.

Best Golf Towels On The Market (Top 5)

Contrary to some belief, there are better golf towels then others. They all will do the same general purpose, but some have added benefits over others. These are the top 5 (in no particular order) golf towels on the market:

Titleist Stadry Performance Towel For Golf

Towel For Golf

Reasons To Buy:

  • Tour inspired design
  • Fits easily over your clubs through a large centre slit. The large design means you’re never going to run out of space when the weather turns on you. 
  • Waterproof membrane to keep the inside dry.

The only negative for this towel is it can be expensive. Price on is currently $87, check it out here.

Ping Tri-Fold Towel For Golf

Towel For Golf

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a tri-fold design that is very handy. You can keep all dirt from your clubs inside the towel and leave the outside looking clean. 
  • Very thin, it won’t interfere with your bag and pockets. It often comes in the black and white colour, but you can also get a Ladies version in pink and grey too.

Sportchek currently has this on sale for $10, check it out here.

Taylormade Micro-Fiber Cart Towel For Golf

Towel For Golf

Reasons To Buy:

  • Excellent coverage. Dimensions of the towel are 15″ x 24″.
  • Simple Design.
  • Comes with a hook/loop that fits with the new Taylormade bags. Allows for hanging the towel.

The only negative is it’s not necessarily soft. currently has this towel listed for $24.99, look at it here.

Taylormade Tour Towel For Golf

Towel For Golf

Reasons To Buy:

  • This TaylorMade tour towel is huge at 24″ x 42″.
  • Made from a soft Terry cotton material.


  •  No loop or clip. Be best stored between your clubs.
  • A very prominent design.

This towel is currently listed on for $39.99, check it out.

Cobra Players Towel For Golf

Towel For Golf

Reason To Buy:

  • Comes with a built in hanger.
  • Woven with a waffle texture to help remove dirt.

The only negative, that will only apply to certain people, is due to the bright colors the towel will not match all golf bags. currently has this towel listed for $39.99, find it here.

Thank you for reading this article. Golf is a huge part of our lives, so realizing ways to improve our games is so important. Hopefully after reading this you add two golf towels to your bags before your next round.

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